Recently our class went on a field trip to watch the movie called “BULLY”. It was really powerful. I felt like I took something away from watching it.

My thinking about bullying and friendship has changed a bit. Before I didn’t think that bullying could get as severe as it was shown in the movie. I thought it was just name calling and pushing, but as we saw in the movie, there was swearing, punching, discrimination and much worse. My thinking about friendship has also changed a bit too. We did a task on edmodo (a learning/ class discussion website) and one of the comments that really stood out to me was along the lines of: “when you know someone for a really long time, all of the little things they do that might annoy you stand out more and if you point that out to them, they might be offended or even think that it’s bullying.” This comment stood out to me because I think it’s really true and it could apply to many people. My thinking about friendship has also changed because in the bullying movie it shows that friends can really help you get through a hardship, like when/if you’re being bullied. Along with the message the negative effects of being a bystander, the positive effects of standing up for your friends were portrayed throughout the bullying movie. That’s how my thinking about bullying and friendship has changed.

I learned a lot about bullying. Like I said before I learned that bullying was more than just name calling and pushing. It’s a cycle.

Blogging Challenge #4- Images in Blog Posts

Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Rami ™ via Compfight

Champions League - Semifinal - Bayern Munich Vs. LyonThis blog challenge #4 requires us to insert a picture in our post with proper credits. I am writing about soccer and my favourite soccer team, Bayern München.

Soccer is sometimes called the beautiful game. I think it is called the beautiful game because of the crisp, immaculate passing, the positioning of the players on the field as they move the ball and set up the perfect play and the amazing individual rushes and the perfect finish as the player slams the ball into the back of the net!

I enjoy playing soccer. Not only is it a good workout but it is fun, and never gets boring. Something different is always happening, different combinations of passing, different set-ups and different teams. When I play soccer, I play midfield. I like midfield because you are in control of the game. You can set up plays and score goals as well. It is also a combination of offence and defence, so you have both responsibilities

My favourite soccer team is FC Bayern München. They recently became champions of the German league. They are so far ahead of anyone else in the standings that no one can catch them for 1st place. This is their 22nd league title.

I have seen Bayern München play once when I was in Germany. They beat FC Schalke 04 2-0 to win the Supercup, which is the a competition in which the best 2 teams in Germany compete. It was neat seeing them play.

That’s why I like soccer so much!






Creative Commons License Photo Credit: Rami ™ via Compfight


Blogging Challenge #2- First Week of Freedom

 Blogging Challenge #2  

A simple mechanism could save lives and many dollars. That’s why, in my opinion, all cars should be able to calculate speed in mph (miles per hour) and km/h (kilometers per hour).

Cars should be able to convert km/h to mph and mph to km/h because it would greatly reduce the risk of accidents when you are driving in another country with different units. If you were going to fast because you could change units, you could get in a crash that could hurt you or others and could cost you hundreds or possibly thousands of dollars.

Another reason why all cars should have a function to change mph to km/h and km/h to mph is it would tone down confusion. You could get lost while frequently comparing your speed to a piece of paper which tells you your current speed in a different unit, because you missed a turn or an exit. If your car couldn’t convert units of speed you might also get a ticket for going over the speed limit.

Having a car that could calculate mph and km/h would increase tourism industries. People may be afraid to travel from Canada to the U.S. and vice versa because they may be afraid of getting in a crash or getting lost. So cars that could change km/h to mph and oppositely would benefit the tourism industry.

You may say that it would be too expensive on top of the price of the car. Well, think of it this way- that little bit of extra money could save you money or save lives in the long run.

So that’s why all cars should have a function to convert speed units.

10 Things You Can Do With a Single Sock- Blogging challenge #3

Blogging challenge number 3 is to list 10 things you can do with a single sock. So here they are in no particular order.

10. Sock soccer ball. Take your sock and kind of put it inside itself until you have a ball shape. When you’re playing make sure to watch out for things that you could knock over easily like lamps.

9. A Christmas tree ornament. How cool would it be to have a sock hanging from your Christmas tree? You could stick your sock onto a clothespin or hanger and put it on one of your unfilled branches.

8. Sock Puppets. Might be a bit mainstream (if you’re going for originality) but never fails to entertain. Take two buttons for eyes and a piece of felt for a tongue and glue in appropriate spots.

7. Golf club head cover. If you like golf and want to keep your clubs nice and clean, then you could stick a sock on top of it.

6. A change purse or a holder. Store money or other valuables (or even invaluables) inside your sock.

5. A towel. After you wash your sock, you could use it as a towel for your hair of take it to a sports game and swing it around, ’cause they sometimes do that at sports games.

4. Self-defence mechanism. Fill your sock with rocks or something heavy or hard like marbles or quarters and if you ever get mugged or attacked… smash smash SMASH!

3. A bracelet. Sew the two opposite ends of your sock together and slip it over your wrist.

2.  A Unicorn horn. Put a tube of cardboard from your toilet paper inside the sock, punch holes through opposite sides of the end of the sock where you put your foot it, tie string or an elastic through those holes and where like a party hat.

1. A small pet pouch. If you have a small pet just shove it in your single sock. Just make sure it can breathe.


Challenge #1- Who Am I?

In blogging challenge #1, we are required to list 10 people who we would like to meet and 1 or more questions we would ask them.

10. The first person to ever live on earth. I would ask them “What was it like then?”

9. J.K. Rowling. “What steps did you go through when creating the world of Harry Potter, and how different were the movies than what you pictured of the books?”

8. David Beckham. “What tips do you have for me that could make me a better soccer player?”

7. Abraham Lincoln. “Given the state of racism and politics today, what would you have done differently?”

6. Gary Ross (director of the Hunger Games). “What filming styles and tricks do you use when making movies?”

5. Jim Lovell (commander of the apollo 13 space mission) “What went through your mind when the oxygen tank ruptured?”

4. Felix Baumgartner. “How were you feeling throughout the whole process of your jump, and how did you sum up the courage to do that?”

3. Friedensreich Hundertwasser (Austrian Architect). “Where did your inspiration come from when you designed those buildings?”

2. Chares of Lindos (designer and constructor of the Colossus of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Aincient World) “How did you design the Colossus, did you ever live to see it finished, and if so what did you think of it?”

1. Daniel Radcliffe. “How did it feel to portray one of the most iconic book characters ever, and did you feel pressure? What was it like working with all of the other actors from a young age?”

It would be awesome to meet all of these people.



The math units of the back of the class can be overlooked, but my friend Sam (www.samu6610.edublogs.org) and I have revolutionized the way people will look at them. We made an 8-bit mario with the cubes. It worked very well and looked exactly like the picture we based it on.

It was very fun to make.

Why Reading Is Important

Why is reading important? For some people who don’t like reading, reading is boring and unnecessary. But reading is very important to many people.

Reading is important to many people. Some people may be required to read for their jobs, and some people read for pleasure.

Some jobs that involve reading would be politics, or acting. They both involve speaking from a script in front of large groups, and you can’t really afford to make mistakes in those jobs.

Reading for pleasure is a great way to catch up on things you want to know, and for fun. You can also learn lots of new things.

Reading is knowledge. Knowledge is power. Reading is Power.

Yertle The Turtle: Not What You Think

Sorry to ruin a beloved children’s story, but I think Dr. Seuss’s book entitled Yertle the Turtle has a moral that you may not have seen coming. As I was in the library with Sam (www.samu6610.edublogs.org) , we saw the book. I immediately pointed it out, as I have a copy at home but I have not read it for a long time. As we picked it up, the librarian immediately told us that it was about an infamous dictator. I guessed Hitler and she said I was right. But after reading, Sam and I came to the conclusion that Yertle the Turtle was about dictatorship more than Hitler.

Yertle the Turtle is about a power hungry turtle named Yertle who lives in a swamp, where he is the king. But one day, he decides that his kingdom is too small. He decides that he will be ruler of all that he sees, but he doesn’t see enough. So he stacks up turtles higher and higher, so he can climb upon them and see further. The turtles are subjected to great pain.

One day, the turtle at the very bottom of the pile, named Mack, decided he’d had enough. He complained to Yertle, and was shunned by the fearless leader. When Mack burps, all of the turtles fall over and Yertle’s reign ends.

This book symbolizes what power hungry people can do and not to abuse power. I think this book is very powerful.

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The Hobbit

This friday I went to see The Hobbit, with high expectations. I went with my good friend Sam. We arrived at the cinema 2 hours early, and were the first people in line. We had doubts before the movie, because it was a 3 hour movie adapted from 100 pages of a 300 page book.

3 hours later…

I thought that Peter Jackson (the director) felt the need to make the film very long. The Lord of the Rings films were very long and I think he felt the need to continue that tradition. Also, in the first hundred pages of the book, it was mainly travelling with a few action scenes. In the book that was very interesting to read, but hard to portray in a movie. There were alot of action scenes not in the book I think used as fillers. I also thought there was a bit of unneccesary violence, for example, when one of the goblins yells out “Drink their blood!”. Very unneccesary.

I also found the soundtrack a bit repetetive, but the music was amazing. It was just a bit repetitive after a while.

My favourite part of the movie was the scene with Gollum. He was hilarious and that was such a huge part in the story.

I would rate this movie 3 out of 5 stars, and I might go see it again.

This photo was released a few days ago from the Desolation of Smaug, the second movie which comes out next December!

Image Source: http://www.beyondhollywood.com/the-hobbit-part-2-the-desolation-of-smaug-2013-movie-preview-images-and-videos/

Mary Spencer

Today Mary Spencer, 3 time world champion, 5 time pan-american gold medalist, 8 time canadian champion and 1 time olympian, visited our classroom.  We were kind of surprised because this morning Ms. Duncan told us that she was in town, and was going to see her and ask questions that we prepared. And then, during French, in walks 3 time world champion, 5 time pan-american gold medalist, 8 time canadian champion and 1 time olympian, Mary Spencer! We got to ask her lots of questions. She told us about what it was like to be in the olympics, what it was like to train almost everyday and just the all around experience of boxing. I am sure she was an inspiration to all! It was a great privilage to have Mary Spencer come to our classroom!